PM congratulates Agong on the occasion of his official birthday

Prime Minister Andrahim has stretched out his thanks to Yang’s husband-Feaan Agong Sulso SulsOM, with the correspondence of the king’s birth today.

Angerya, because of government government, the queen, all the king and all families deserve to dedicate themselves to themselves. “May His Majesty continue to strive to rule in a fair and just manner as the head of the country, the guardian of Islam and the symbol of the unity and welfare of all races in this country, ” he said in a message on Facebook.

“I and all the people will continue to obey and remain faithful to the foundation of the monarchy. He said, “, he said.

In the meantime, Canadian team also made advertisers who take care to give their hearts to the king and to pray for his special welfare. One of them is Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Fadillah Yusof, Minister of Communications Fahmi Fadzil, Minister of Law and Institutional Reform Azalina Othman Said, Minister of Education Fadhlina Sidek and Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Mohamad Sabu.

Sultan Ibrahim was sworn in as the country’s 17th Yang di-Pertuan Agong on January 31, 2024.

The chief of the secret office of lost 520,000 rm when a man says it is a police officer.

The President Johor Mar. Kumar said that the victim yesterday reports that one guy beats the last month and showed it as a police officer from North. “The victim was told that his bank’s ATM card had been found when the police raided him. “The ‘policeman’ accused him of involvement in money laundering,” he said, according to Berita Harian. The victim said the phone call was diverted to another person who identified himself as a police officer named “Insp Lee Kha Seng”, who helped block the victim’s bank account.

The fake police officer instructed the victim to transfer all their money to a specified bank account to “keep” it while the police conducted their investigation. The victim thought the call was actually from the police, because the “investigator” had all his personal details.

The victim also received a message via WhatsApp and a court letter authorizing search, seizure and seizure of property. The victim panicked and transferred the RM520,000 as instructed.

Kumar said the managing director only realized he was being scammed when he was repeatedly pressured to deliver more. “He then filed a police complaint yesterday,” Kumar said.

The case is being investigated under section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating

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