Fish oil might not always be good for heart health

Older people know and remember that cod liver oil was considered a dietary supplement given to school children to make them stronger.

Decades later, the benefits of fish oil are still valuable. Although rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it is said to protect the heart, reduce bad cholesterol, and even prevent some cognitive problems.

Many scientific studies have shown these benefits, but new research suggests that things may not be so clear. In fact, a group of researchers revealed that fish oil supplements are not always beneficial for your health.

It seems that everything depends on your health condition while taking these supplements. Based on data from 415,737 participants aged between 40 and 69 from the UK Biobank study, the study reveals that consuming this supplement regularly can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke in people with heart health.

This research does not stop the students from showing that these same supplements can, on the other hand, reduce the progression of poor heart health, and even reduce the risk of death for those people. . To reach these conclusions, the researchers analyzed the participants’ usual diet of fatty and non-oily fish, as well as dietary supplements based on fish oil.

They also looked at the link between this supplement and new cases of atrial fibrillation, heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and death from all causes in people without known heart disease. Next, they want to evaluate whether this type of supplement can improve the heart health of the participants or not, following an average of 12 years.

It’s useful, but not for everyone

Published in the journal BMJ Medicine, the study found that fish oil supplementation did not have the same overall effect on heart health and progression of heart disease in all participants. Overall, researchers found a link between regular oil consumption and a higher risk of atrial fibrillation (13%) or stroke (5%) among people with good heart health. begins with birth. They also found that the same supplement reduced the risk of progression from atrial fibrillation to heart attack by 15%, and the risk of progression from heart attack to death by 9% in those with heart disease at the beginning of the monitoring period.

This may mean, according to scientists, that the addition of fish oil may be useful in reducing the progression of heart disease and its victims. It should be noted, that factors such as gender, age, smoking and eating lean fish are highly variable.

“Regular use of fish oil supplements may play a role in the progression of heart disease.

“Further studies are needed to determine exactly how the development and prognosis of heart disease are affected by the regular use of these supplements,” the authors concluded.

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