Buang kucing dalam sungai, seorang ditahan

A local man has been arrested by the police to assist in the investigation of a cat stuffed in a bag and thrown into a river in Jalan Kota Giam, Jelutong, last Friday.

Northeast Police Chief, Razlam Ab Hamid, said that the 40-year-old man was arrested in Jelutong district, yesterday evening due to public information and intelligence. “The man has been remanded in custody for further investigation and the matter will be investigated under section 29 (1) of the Animal Protection Act,” he said.

Initially, a video circulating on social media showed individuals pulling bags from the river and found the cat’s body in a chain bag. Arie Dwi Andika, the president of the Animal Association of Malaysia, said that this is not the first time that this kind of incident has happened and his members have received reports of the same thing repeatedly. helmet, two drunken people threw pots and went to the Serdang police station early this morning.

Serdang police officer AA Anbalagan who was arrested at 6:30 a.m., and the priest who was there discussed the issue. At the time of the incident, the two suspected motorcyclists stopped in front of the police station, when one of the police officers on duty asked them what they were doing. done, the pillion rider threw a pot into the yard and ran away.

“The motive for the incident is suspected to be dissatisfaction as at 2.30am, the member on duty assaulted a group of men on the train who were not wearing helmets on the road. highway road about 20 meters from the port,” he said. Police conduct additional surveys to detect the suspect and the case is the subject of an investigation under article 427 of the penal code to commit a betrayal.

The public with all the information on the case can contact the Rédang IPD on 03-80742222.

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