After 3-year delay, women and children’s hospital complex almost done

The RM305 women’s and children’s hospital is expected to be completed by the end of this month, more than three years have passed, and is ready for handover to the Ministry of Health at the end of July.

The complex will reduce congestion at the 135-year-old hospital by adding 272 beds to the 306-bed hospital. It was originally scheduled to be completed in April 2021.

However, as the project neared completion, the contractor working in the Department of Public Works (JKR) repeatedly postponed the delivery date, according to sources in the project. . JKR was supposed to hand over the facility to the Ministry of Health last November, but the handover has been delayed until February this year before being moved to April.
JKR’s corporate communications department told FMT, “JKR is doing its best to complete the project as planned,” when asked the reason for the delay. The message said that the park is 99% complete. “It (complex) will eventually through June 30, if it is planning that the information is planning on July 30,

” The message said in the FMT statement. It does not take into account the three-year delay or recent changes in transfer dates.

The JKR says the girls are sleeping and the risks will occur in trauma section, hospital work with Carpark.

Bernama relates to the first time in the park that will benefit 1.2 million inhabitants of Kenjin and Hulu Langat. Progress is important

In 2015, then Prime Minister Najib Razak described the hospital as run down and always overcrowded. During the dedication ceremony of the camp in April 2018, he recognized the need to improve the important Kajang hospital. Established in 1889 and built on 16 acres of land, Kajang Hospital grew from 250 beds in the 1970s to 306 beds in 2010.

A resident of Kajang told FMT that people in the area are eagerly awaiting the launch of the women and children complex as it will allow the hospital’s existing maternity ward to be freed up for use by other patients. He said, “The hospital lock is a stupid, adding to three-time bedrooms.”

FMT has looked for talking by health information.

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